Things to consider before you hire a cleaning company

However you look for a domestic cleaning company whether it’s local adverts or online how do you know which one to choose? You may have received a recommendation from friends or family who are happy with their cleaning service, but if not there are a number of factors that we think you should take into consideration.

There are a wide range of cleaning companies out there from individual cleaners and “one man band” type companies to larger more professional companies, but which should you choose? Whilst there is nothing wrong with individuals and smaller companies and they can offer cheaper prices there are a number of advantages to using a professional, larger domestic cleaning company.

Reliability : if your regular cleaner is on holiday or ill we can arrange a cleaner to cover for that period.

Trust : when you let a stranger into your home it is vitally important for your safety and peace of mind that you can trust them. All our cleaners are carefully selected, checked and trained to meet our high standards. Smaller companies may not have rigorous policies and checks in place.

Insurance : We have extensive public and employers liability insurance, in the unlikely event that any mishaps occur in your home we are fully covered.

Customer service : we believe in offering an exceptional level of service and as part of that ensure that you have a regular cleaner. Before your cleaning service starts. You will always have the chance to meet your cleaner prior to your service starting and can request another cleaner if you wish.

Flexibility : We have the flexibility to provide a cleaning service that fits in with your schedule and can offer evening and weekend cleans if required.

Price : you may be attracted by the lower prices of private cleaners but we feel that our exceptional service, careful selection and checks on our cleaners and insurance means that we deliver excellent value, reliability and peace of mind.