Should I clean every day?

Having a clean and organised house reduces your stress-levels and makes us feel better, but should you clean every day? How much cleaning is too much or too little?

Whilst you don’t need to do a thorough clean every day, doing some jobs regularly will help you keep your home tidy and mean that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the to-do list.

Everyday day tasks should include making your bed, wiping down the sink and kitchen surfaces and tidying up clutter. Taking just a few minutes each day will prevent dirt and mess from building up and leave you more time for the things you want to do. Planning can be key to cleaning, scheduling tasks means that nothing gets left undone. Take little opportunities to do jobs, while the kettle is boiling wipe down the surfaces, empty the bin or tidy some clutter. Prioritise high traffic areas in your home, get the family involved if everyone does their bit it lightens the workload.

We are all guilty of keeping things that we no longer need or want, all this clutter means our homes often look messier than they should. Organising and regularly decluttering will make it easier to keep things tidy and clean. Make a conscious effort to put away items, don’t leave things for later. Storage solutions are a great way to help you stay organised, having baskets and storage units means that everything has its place.

There will be days where you don’t get chance to do your daily tasks, and that’s ok, just try to create regular daily cleaning habits, your house will soon look cleaner and feel much tidier. Having a tidier home allows us to relax more and enjoy our environment.

If you are working or have other obligations and are finding it difficult to keep on top of keeping your house clean then consider a professional house cleaner from a reputable cleaning service such as HomeMaid.