Homemaid reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and should this prove necessary will notify the Client of any changes either in writing or by posting them on the website not less than 30 days before they become effective.


Homemaid will introduce reference checked and vetted cleaners to the Client. The cleaner is introduced to the client as a self employed cleaner and as such is employed under a separate contractual agreement between the Client and the Cleaner. The Client shall agree directly with the Cleaner the terms of the agreement and what services are to be performed. The Client may change the scope and type of the service at any time by mutual agreement with the cleaner.

Client Commitment

The Client shall notify Homemaid of any changes to times and/or days that the introduced Cleaner attends. The Client shall contact Homemaid directly if a replacement cleaner is required due to the regular cleaner’s illness or being on holiday.

The Client shall provide a safe working environment for the Cleaner at all times.


The Client shall pay a monthly retainer to Homemaid in the form of a signed standing order mandate in advance as specified in the Business Agreement. The mandate will not be presented to the bank until after a Cleaner has commenced an arrangement with the Client.

If a signed standing order mandate is not received then payment should be made to Homemaid at the rate of £5 per cleaner visit.

If a Cleaner is retained by the Client for more hours than originally specified in the Business Agreement without first notifying Homemaid then Homemaid reserves the right to claim the additional amount due plus 10% interest.


Homemaid will not be liable for:

‐ The failure of any Cleaner to return keys and any resulting loss thereof. The ownership and responsibility of keys remains between the Client and the Cleaner.
‐ Theft of property or possessions by a contracted Cleaner


The Business Agreement is for an initial term of 8 weeks and thereafter can be terminated by the Client giving Homemaid one months notice in writing.

Homemaid reserve the right to terminate the business agreement by giving the Client one months written notice at any time.

Following termination for any reason, the Client shall not engage directly or indirectly, as an employee, any cleaner that has been introduced by Homemaid or recommended any such cleaner to anyone else unless Homemaid service is used.


Agency fee’s for client holidays can be refunded by prior notification, a maximum four week in any one year

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