Cleaning jobs to get your home ready for Autumn

As the days get shorter and colder it’s a good time to get some cleaning chores off you list so that you can enjoy cosy evenings in comfort.

Now is a good time to put your summer clothes and shoes away. Ensure everything is freshly laundered and completely dry before packing them away for the winter. To save space you could pack them into vacuum storage bags. While you are doing this now is a good time to reorganise your wardrobe recycling any items that you don’t want or need.

Give the carpets and rugs a deep clean, a good thorough vacuum to remove the embedded dirt will lift the look of your carpet. You may already have a carpet cleaner, or you could hire one or use a professional carpet cleaning service.  A professional service will have the skills, equipment and experience to remove more dirt and stains than a domestic cleaner and carpets will often dry much more quickly.

Give the windows a good clean, avoid a sunny day as they will dry to quickly which will result in a streaky finish. Try cleaning the windows with a solution of one part distilled white vinegar to nine parts water in a spray bottle.

At the moment most of us are looking for ways to save money, if your freezer needs a manual defrost get that planned so that the freezer runs more efficiently. Take an inventory of what is in the freezer and plan meals around its contents. Once your freezer is empty turn it off and leave the door open to allow any ice to melt. Take out any compartments/drawers etc and clean them and the inside of the freezer with a mild solution of water and bicarbonate soda. Once the freezer is clean and dry turn it on and allow it to run for a few hours before refilling it with food.

Clean out the kitchen cupboards and take an inventory of food, most of us will have things in the cupboards we have forgotten about. To avoid food waste plan some meals around what you have to use up. Be inventive and find new ways to use up any storecupboard ingredients, this will save you money and you might find some surprising new recipes.

Declutter any cupboards, most of us keep lots of things thinking we will look at them later, or “that might come in handy”. Decide what you need to keep, would like to recycle or donate and tidy as you go.

During our normal weekly cleans, most of us will not have the time to move the sofa, wardrobe, or other large furniture. Autumn is an ideal time to focus on one room each time you vacuum and where you can move those larger furniture items and really clean behind and underneath. This will help to ensure that all the dust, dirt, debris, and allergens are removed, leaving you with a healthier and cleaner home.

In Autumn most homes often notice an increase in the number of spiders they get. Use an extendable duster or an extension pipe for the vacuum to remove the cobwebs.

Give your carpets, upholstery, curtains, and mattresses a thorough vacuum. To clean your mattress use either a vacuum or a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner kills 99% of germs and bacteria and removes dirt without the need for chemicals.

At this time of year, most of us will enjoy the views and possibly walks as the trees change colour and the leaves scatter. Autumn is typically a wet and often muddy season, which can cause problems for homes with pet cats and dogs as their muddy paw prints often decorate the house. Try and regularly keep on top of cleaning these. There are doormats available now which can help to trap the mud and wet as the pet walks over them on their way into the house. Dogs can also be taught to wipe their paws, teaching this can be a great way of tiring them out when it’s raining hard and you don’t want to go for a walk.

As the nights draw in more homes will be lighting candles, fires, and wood burners, ensure that you test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and if you have a chimney get it professionally cleaned.

An often overlooked item when we clean are light fittings, give them a clean to remove any dust or debris, and if you haven’t already, consider swapping to LED bulbs which are cheaper to run.

A professional house cleaning service can help with some or all of the jobs, helping you get your home ready for the Autumn and Winter. If you need any help cleaning your home and would like to know more about our one-off cleaning service or to book a regular weekly or fortnight clean please get in touch for more information.