Surprising benefits of a clean home

When you come home after maybe a busy or stressful day, do you walk in and see the mess and mentally check off a list of chores you need to do? Without realising it, this will increase your stress levels making it harder to unwind and relax.

Clutter and untidiness can really affect our mood, there are also health and psychological benefits to a clean and tidy home.

Can having a clean home improve your health?

Cleaning the house doesn’t replace traditional exercise but does get you moving and helps your health, it also counts towards your daily step count. Getting moving and doing the chores will not only give you a sense of achievement but also help to reduce your stress levels.

Improving the cleanliness of your home will reduce germs, bacteria and viruses, helping to reduce symptoms of allergies or asthma and you should get ill less frequently. Dust and allergens build up in carpets, bedding and upholstery over time, regularly tacking these tasks will improve your health.

A clean home can reduce the effects of seasonal allergy symptoms such as pollen allergies, pollen can be brought into the home on our clothing, shoes and by pets and can wreak havoc on your nose, eyes and sinuses.

As well as physical improvements to your health having a clean home can also impact your stress levels and mental health. When there is lots of clutter, mess and dust it can seem very overwhelming and can actually contribute to stress, anxiety and depression. Your brain sees the untidy mess and can’t totally settle, having a clean and uncluttered space will help you to focus, feel calmer, less anxious and depressed.

Keeping your bedroom clean and tidy has been found to help people sleep better. Better sleep not only helps to relieve stress levels it also influences our food choices. This often means that you make healthier food choices, which then help you to feel better physically.

One of the biggest benefits of cleaning your home is the powerful sense of achievement that comes with it! It is very satisfying to see everything clean and tidy and be proud of your home.

An untidy home is not pleasant but sometimes the odours can be a bigger problem. Getting rid of nasty odours can be tricky. You need to treat the source of the odour rather than trying to mask it with air fresheners or deodorizers.

Cleaning can save you money!

Appliances are often forgotten, but making sure that things like your washing machine are cleaned regularly will help them work more efficiently and las longer, saving you thousands.

Relax and enjoy

A clean and tidy home will allow you to enjoy your downtime more, you won’t feel guilty when you take a break and sit down to relax.

The big takeaway is that a clean home can increase happiness, health, hygiene and save you money. Having a regular professional regular professional cleaning service allows you to have a clean home you can enjoy while still having time to do the things you love!