Keeping your carpets clean when you have pets

According to a 2020/21 survey 59% of households have pets, dogs are the most commonly owned pet in the UK with 33% of households having a dog and 27% a cat. Having pets can present a challenge when trying to keep your carpets clean. Pet odours can be stubborn especially if your pet has had an accident and the muddy paw prints can seem never ending at times.

You may be wondering if carpet cleaning can really help remove odours, stains and refresh your carpet. The good news is yes, a professional carpet clean can help with all those things, leaving your carpets looking brighter and smelling fresher too.

Is professional carpet cleaning necessary to remove pet odours?

There are lots of cleaning items on sale that you can use to help clean your carpets if you pet has an accident or to remove stains or mud, but these may not necessarily be the best option. Store-bought stain removers can cause problems with the texture and colour of your carpet and you should test on a small hidden patch before using. Store-bought deodorisers may be dangerous for pets and typically mask odours rather than eliminating them. If your pet has had an accident cleaning up with the wrong chemical can even intensify the pungent odour, in some cases steam cleaners can set smells and stains permanently. A professional carpet cleaning service will have the experience and correct equipment to remove any residues without damaging your carpet.

Keeping your carpets clean when you have pets

Top tips for keeping carpets clean when you have pets

Avoid putting food or water on your carpets, keep food and water bowls on sealed flooring surfaces that are easier to clean. Some pet treats can leave dirt, grease and residue so these too should be avoided in carpeted areas.

Regularly groom your pets to remove any loose hair and dirt to prevent this getting matted into the carpet.

Wipe your dogs paws or teach them to wipe their paws as they enter the house, this will help to minimise the dirt and even grass stains. Where possible for long haired dogs keep the fur around the paws trimmed. Unfortunately, whilst we often control our dogs access to outside not the same can be said for cats who often tend to come and go as they wish, having a suitable mat for them to walk on as they enter your home will, hopefully at least remove some dirt and help to dry their paws.

Regularly vacuum your carpets, clean your vacuum and wash the filters as these too will smell and distribute odours as you vacuum your house.